My Essential Oil Journey – Managing my Anxiety with Essential Oils

What made you want to become a Young Living distributor?  It’s an important question, especially when you are selling a product. I did not join Young Living with any intention to sell it. I was at a point in my life where change was necessary. I was suffering from anxiety and chronic pain that was affecting my life. I was looking for natural alternatives, and Essential Oils was the answer I had been looking for. I hope that by sharing my journey I can help people lead healthier and happier lives.

Some of my first memories as a kid are of severe and crippling panic attacks. Fear would consume me, and I would feel like I was unable to breathe and out of control. I learned coping techniques, and the attacks never lasted long.  As I got older the severity and frequency of my anxiety attacks varied. Some years I had no attacks at all, while others would see many sleepless nights. I was fortunate up to that point that my attacks only ever occurred at night. So they never affected my day to day life.


Shortly after my daughter was born the attacks became more frequent. So I cut all alcohol from my life, changed my diet and began exercising. For a few years I was able to manage my anxiety just with lifestyle changes, but then it started becoming more severe. Panic attacks would wake me from a dead sleep, I was manifesting physical symptoms, and unable to calm myself. The worst part was the attacks were no longer confined to the night. For the first time they were affecting my day to day life.

One day I was in the grocery store with my children when I had an attack so bad I had to sit down in the isle. I called my grandma who was able to calm me down long enough to get to the car, and get home leaving the cart full of groceries behind. I was in tears that night and realized that I needed to do something. So I made an appointment to see a psychiatrist. I was seriously considering medication. Something I never wanted to do. I know that drugs have their place, but I wanted to be able to manage this without altering my brain chemistry. I never made it to that appointment.


A friend of mine suffers from severe PTSD, and recently I had opened up to him about my anxiety disorder. When I told him that I was considering medication he told me to hold off. A friend of his had recommended Essential Oils and he was going to give them a try. He said that if they worked he would let me know. It didn’t take long before he was calling me and insisting I order some for myself. I was very skeptical and the price was steep but I had nothing to lose.

My starter kit arrived along with the addition of Peace and Calming that I had ordered for my anxiety. I began using  Peace and Calming before bed or in the midst of a panic attack. Yet it was completely ineffective. In fact it seemed to make my anxiety worse, and I was beyond frustrated. Thankfully the starter kit came with eleven other oils and a lot of information. It sparked my interest, and I began doing research on how to really use Essential Oils.

I started talking to other people who used Essential Oils and spoke with someone about my experience with Peace and Calming. She said everyone is different, and she recommended I try Joy and Citrus Fresh instead. That night I crossed Joy over my heart and diffused Citrus Fresh. I slept thought the night! Something I hadn’t done in weeks. Night after night I slept. Soon I was adding Joy to my morning and nightly routine. I even bought a diffuser necklace, so that I could wear Joy when I left the house.


The more research I did, the more I fell in love with Essential Oils. I added them to my homemade lotions, cleaners, and used them on my kiddos when they got sick. I even started using Essential Oils like Valor and Deep Relief for my chronic headaches and teeth grinding. Now they are a daily part of my routine. I have completely made over my medicine cabinet and changed my life. I am still not anxiety free, and I still occasionally have a panic attack, but they are manageable and infrequent.

Essential Oils gave me the opportunity to change my life. It allowed me to manage my anxiety without prescription medication. I have seen my friends and family find physical and mental health. Young Living has given me the opportunity to so something I am passionate about. I have become a part of community that is supportive and based on a natural approach to health. I get to be apart of people’s journeys to health and happiness. Let me help you on your journey to health.



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